I contribute to my ideal theatre through the design and construction of costumes. A production's costumes help create the world of the play and to communicate character traits, both of which aid in the storytelling. I am always looking for new opportunities to contribute, so please feel free to explore my website and portfolio and to contact me with anything.

About Me

passionate about my family and friends, and I love traveling, learning new things, and playing board games. I am of course also passionate about creating meaningful theatre and engaging people of all ages in experiences that allows them to forget the mundane and the stressful details of everyday life and escape into the world of the play.

In order for an audience to lose themselves in the world we've created, they must first be able to find themselves. I believe that starting with a strong script, artistic team, and actors can provide this recognizable connection, and provide the baseline for design in theatre to create a world into which the production can whisk the audience. The most effective type of theatre is that which successfully conveys the meaning of the play, connects to the audience on a personal and emotional level, and transports the audience members into another world.

Caroline Jurney

I am a Maryland native and graduate from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where I studied Theatre Design and Production with an emphasis in Costume Design and Construction, and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am